Om Course: Holistic Health Education & Transformation

The Om Course welcomes you to embark on a journey of self-improvement:


Holistic Health Education can result in solid Holistic Health Care for any business, individual, or householder. We are all a wonderful "Work in Progress" as humans and are deliciously flawed. Part of the individual work in this course will be related to simple, universal duties such as: Love, Compassion, Truth, Devotion, and Silence. The rest you can consider an invaluable upgrade to your health care and gain tools that will serve you for the rest of your life!


A sanskrit word from India, "Dharmas", means "Duties" and are viewed as the universal human codes of conduct. The more we serve ourselves, and others with love, compassion, truth, devotion and silence, the more our lives are positively supported energetically. Even better, when we live our lives with Awareness and Mindfulness an enhanced quality of life exists.


Are your ready to gain new insights, stimulation, and see value in taking action on making significant self-improvements that you may have been wanting to do but just haven’t made it happen yet?


The Om Course is an opportunity to learn effective ways of improving health and productivity simply by adjusting our attitudes, diet, and lifestyle. Potential side effects provide:

  • increases in cognitive function
  • increases in energy
  • increases in immunity
  • decreases in # of sick days and doctor visits, etc.


BONUS: Each student will feel more EDUCATED, and EMPOWERED toward living a HEALTHY & HOLISTIC lifestyle. What are the types of helpful tools you will be using in the course?

  • Online Private class setting, including weekly interaction with the instructor and classmates
  • Audio/Video PowerPoint presentations
  • Self Exploration Exercises
  • 21Day Holistic Health Boost
  • Fitness Challenges


The OM COURSE was born ready to be at your service!


One payment of $300.00


Please note – The length of each course involves a 9 or 12week commitment and involves 2+ hours per week of action for results. I am happy to schedule a consultation for a detailed explanation of services provided, potential positive health outcomes and business savings.


Good News About Your Teacher Malia:

"Malia is an excellent trainer, nutritionist and  a wonderful yogi. I have worked with her for almost 5 years now and she inspires me and motivates me with reaching my health goals in life. I love that she does not have a cookie cutter workout or diet plan. It is more tailored to my lifestyle and my food choices.  Her extensive knowledge, professionalism  and dedication to her client's well being is the most impressive to me. Malia's fresh perspective towards healthy eating, growing your own food has all inspired me to eat healthy and make a change in my life for the better and for the good."
- Janvi Kanani


"We all strive to grow in many facets of our lives. Malia Mattox is one of the best examples of how a strong and beautiful person can just keep getting better. When I first met Malia she was attending Cal Poly, working, and riding a bike to get anywhere she needed to be. While being employed at Healthy Inspirations, Malia never stopped learning and improving in all parts of her life. She was a true inspiration and educator to the clients at Healthy Inspirations.

With her determination she not only graduated with her degree in nutrition, but since has become a certified personal trainer, Yoga instructor, and started her own practice (Namaste Nutrition and Fitness).

Malia is also my personal trainer. Love working with her! She has taught me so much because she walks the talk. Examples are the best teachers! As a Yoga instructor you can feel the love she has for sharing her gift of understanding and practicing meditation. Mind, Body, Spirit is a way to explain Malia. This is a person you want to be around. Thank you, Malia, for being the positive, professional, energetic influence you are to me. Thank you for being my friend!"
- Linda L. Lex. Owner, Healthy Inspirations


"Before working with Malia, I was struggling with low energy, mental fatigue and excessive stiffness in my body. My goal was to feel stronger and to have more vitality, so I wanted to start doing yoga, some strength training, and improve my diet. I specifically chose her because of her expertise in all 3 of these areas. Malia introduced me to a carefully selected combination of yoga poses, and set me up with a flexible, custom-made exercise and diet plan. She encouraged me and kept me accountable to my goals. Throughout the process, she was flexible and adapted the program to me and my situation as needed.

After working with Malia for just a few weeks, my strength, flexibility and energy levels had already noticeably improved. By the time we concluded our work together, I had developed a personal yoga practice, an exercise pattern that works well with my work schedule, and a healthy diet. Malia helped me achieve my goals. And she helped me move beyond them. After just a few months, I am feeling the best I have felt in years! I’m feeling stronger, I have much more energy, and my mind is much more clear and effective.

Malia’s ability to educate, challenge and support me in my process has been more than I could have hoped for. I'm grateful for all that she has done to help me feel my best and live a more effective life! And, on top of all of that, I am grateful to have gained a really good friend."
 - Jason Swart, 2015


Malia Mattox

(805) 748-6068

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