"We all strive to grow in many facets of our lives. Malia Mattox is one of the best examples of how a strong and beautiful person can just keep getting better. When I first met Malia she was attending Cal Poly, working, and riding a bike to get anywhere she needed to be. While being employed at Healthy Inspirations, Malia never stopped learning and improving in all parts of her life. She was a true inspiration and educator to the clients at Healthy Inspirations.

With her determination she not only graduated with her degree in nutrition, but since has become a certified personal trainer, Yoga instructor, and started her own practice (Namaste Nutrition and Fitness).

Malia is also my personal trainer. Love working with her! She has taught me so much because she walks the talk. Examples are the best teachers! As a Yoga instructor you can feel the love she has for sharing her gift of understanding and practicing meditation. Mind, Body, Spirit is a way to explain Malia. This is a person you want to be around. Thank you, Malia, for being the positive, professional, energetic influence you are to me. Thank you for being my friend!"

- Linda L. Lex. Owner, Healthy Inspirations

Malia Mattox

(805) 748-6068

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