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Ready For Reaching More Of Your Goals?

How do you decide what are the best dietary, exercise, lifestyle practices at any given point in your life? Do you have all the tools you need actively involved in your life to successfully achieve your dream goals and find a sustainable healthy lifestyle you love?


Nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle are all about the individual. Each person is beautifully unique and has to know thyself.


When working with me, Malia Mattox, we practice exploring open, honest communication about what individual changes are necessary for living life to the best of one's ability and achieve realistic goals.

It is beneficial to have an experienced professional help you dig deeper for accessing your pre-existing inner tools, learn more skills, build more consistent and disciplined healthy habits to integrate continuous self-improvement, while creating a wholesome life you will always love. Sometimes help is needed and HERE I AM!


We learn to enjoy the challenges within our journey while successfully reaching goals and improving Quality of Life with a

approach; Constantly working in progress, while mastering body, mind, and spirit!

Namaste Nutrition & Fitness

Personalized, holistic health services

Malia Mattox

1.) Nutrition coaching & assessments (Diet Analysis, Energy Needs, Nutrition RX, Meal Plan, Prep, etc)

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) - Nutritional diagnostic, therapy and counseling services for the purpose of disease management that are furnished by a registered dietitian or nutrition professional pursuant to a referral by a physician. *Practical, customized, evidence based nutrition with cognitive behavioral therapy techniques
  • Ayurveda (TIM) - Ayurveda diets are used to balance the body,  to awaken ahamkara (the memory of who we really are) with proper use of wholesome foods. When understanding the individualized order of AIR, FIRE, WATER elements that make up our body types, and by using food to support and enhancing each type, we are empowering an effective and essential method of attunement.

2. Fitness training & assessments (Body Comp., Balance, Cardio, Endurance, Flexibility/Mobility, and Strength) *Practical, customized, evidence based exercise with cognitive behavioral therapy techniques

3.) Yoga - asana, pranayama, meditation, plus there will be more information that I am grateful to share!

Malia Mattox - Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Science, NASM CPT/CES, RYT200


Malia utilizes a holistic, integrative health approach. She believes in empowering others by educating them on how to grow into stronger, healthier individuals. The owner loves working with people to increase their quality of life by leading a holistic, sustainable, wholesome lifestyle.


Practice Mastering Your Body, Mind, & Spirit:

  • Strengthen Body, Mind, Spirit skills
  • Change Attitudes, Behavior and Lifestyle
  • Holistic Energy Management
  • Customized Health Care & Custom Self-Care skills

Malia Mattox

(805) 748-6068

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